Jamaica’s Three Downtown Business Improvement Districts are joining forces!

To streamline services, reduce unnecessary administrative overhead, maximize efficiency and better serve our business community, Jamaica’s three downtown BIDs are joining.

How? In June of 2022, City Legislation was passed to create one singular business improvement district for downtown Jamaica. One nonprofit organization will administer services within the newly-united district. This organization will have a Board of Directors comprised of local property owners, businesses, residents, and City-appointed officials as dictated by local NYC Business Improvement District (BID) Law.

When? Right now! The legislation will go into effect on 1/1/23 and the prior BID boundaries will dissolve. NYC’s Department of Small Business Services (also known as SBS - the City agency that creates and oversees the City’s BID network) will be assembling a Board of Directors. SBS will assist this new Board through the process of developing bylaws, a new budget, and program priorities to benefit the business district.

For more information on this process and SBS’s timeline, please contact the agency directly here.

Who is Providing Supplemental Sanitation? Sutphin Boulevard BID now holds the current City contract with SBS to provide supplemental Sanitation Services on Jamaica Avenue from 169th Street to Sutphin Boulevard and on Union Hall from Jamaica Avenue to Archer. Contact Sutphin Boulevard BID for more information: www.sutphinblvdbid.org.

How Can I Stay Connected/Learn More? More information will be shared as it becomes available.

JJMS...Jamaica Just My Style 2017

JJMS Flyer 2017

Coming soon. The Jamaica Center BID's 6th annual JJMS…Jamaica Just My Style Fashion Event, JBID’s marquee event, a  night out in Downtown Jamaica, featuring highlighted fashions from popular businesses within the JBID district, up and coming designers from Queens, wine, food tasting, and entertainment! 

The JBID district is New York City's largest urban fashion district, home to jazz legends, hip-hop greats, and iconic leaders. With a major transportation hub, a vibrant business district, and the influence of diverse cultures, the JBID district continues to show the world that Downtown Jamaica is a top tier destination, coined, "NYCs Hottest Destination" 2016 (Gothamist). 

The JBID’s annual JJMS Fashion Event is part of the JBID’s ongoing effort to promote Downtown Jamaica as a fashion, arts, cultural and shopping destination: hosting an array of services, connecting business owners with valuable resources, entertaining community events, bringing together influencers, media, and special guests. 

The JJMS is presented by The Jamaica Center BID (JCBID), a non-profit organization that seeks to make Downtown Jamaica a thriving business hub and an enjoyable destination to shop, work, live, and visit.

The JJMS Fashion Event is held at The Jamaica Performing Arts Center – located at 153-10 Jamaica Avenue | Jamaica, New York 11432, (corner of Jamaica Avenue and 153rd Street)