Jamaica’s Three Downtown Business Improvement Districts are joining forces!

To streamline services, reduce unnecessary administrative overhead, maximize efficiency and better serve our business community, Jamaica’s three downtown BIDs are joining.

How? In June of 2022, City Legislation was passed to create one singular business improvement district for downtown Jamaica. One nonprofit organization will administer services within the newly-united district. This organization will have a Board of Directors comprised of local property owners, businesses, residents, and City-appointed officials as dictated by local NYC Business Improvement District (BID) Law.

When? Right now! The legislation will go into effect on 1/1/23 and the prior BID boundaries will dissolve. NYC’s Department of Small Business Services (also known as SBS - the City agency that creates and oversees the City’s BID network) will be assembling a Board of Directors. SBS will assist this new Board through the process of developing bylaws, a new budget, and program priorities to benefit the business district.

For more information on this process and SBS’s timeline, please contact the agency directly here.

Who is Providing Supplemental Sanitation? Sutphin Boulevard BID now holds the current City contract with SBS to provide supplemental Sanitation Services on Jamaica Avenue from 169th Street to Sutphin Boulevard and on Union Hall from Jamaica Avenue to Archer. Contact Sutphin Boulevard BID for more information: www.sutphinblvdbid.org.

How Can I Stay Connected/Learn More? More information will be shared as it becomes available.

Jamaica, NY Set to See New State Park in 2019

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that a new skate park is in the works for Jamaica, NY.

The 407-acre park will stretch 3.5 miles along the water and is set to open in 2019. This area of Jamaica has never been open to the public before. It used to be a burial ground for the public's trash, littered for miles with filth and garbage. But now, it will be polished up and made new.

According to Cuomo, "$15 million will be spent building trails, paths, restrooms, concessions and shaded areas for walkers, joggers, bikers, kayakers, fishermen and the like."

Compared to the less than 15 minute wait time at most Urgent Care centers, it may seem like this park is a lifetime away. But 2019 is closer than you think, and the plans for this park look beautiful.

This former dump will soon be a beacon of beauty. The people of Jamaica will have a great place to get outside, exercise, and enjoy mother nature. Plus, if local skaters are strapped for cash -- they can search for nearby call center jobs.Most opportunities pay a per-talk-minute rate, so the more calls someone takes, the more they earn. For example, someone can earn as much as $200 per week working only 20 hours.

An environmental education center is also expected to go up in this new park, which is set out to be the largest state park that New York City has ever seen.

Although this area has a negative stigma attached to it because of the amount of trash that used to float around at all times, there are already some pretty amazing features that belong to the area. The bay offers an abundant resource for fishing. For more than two centuries, fishing and oyster harvesting have flourished in this Jamaica bay. This will hopefully act as a great attraction to the park once it is established next year.

Talks of this new state park have been happening for quite some time now. Since 2002, the city of New York has been working hard to cap and cover up land fills with "4 feet of earth, and planting more than 35,000 trees and shrubs, along with prairie grasses," says AM New York. This park will certainly contribute to those efforts.