Work Hard

As a part of Jamaica Center BID’s mission to make Jamaica Center business district a thriving business hub and enjoyable destination to shop, work, live and visit, the BID provides supplemental services to the district including sanitation services, litter and graffiti removal, maintenance of sidewalk brick pavers, pruning and watering of trees.

Supplemental Sanitation

Continuing our track record of providing stellar service, Jamaica Center BID’s sanitation contractor, StreetPlus, provides continuous, daily cleaning of more than two miles of sidewalks. Throughout the day, every day, the 13-member Clean Team sweeps the sidewalks; bag, re-line, and clean the district’s 73 trash receptacles; and cart the trash to a NYC Department of Sanitation site.


Weekly Service Hours


Annual Service Hours


Hours of Power Washings


Hours of Snow Removal

Beautification & Maintenance

A high priority for the BID is to beautify the district and ensure it is well-maintained. Every year, the BID power washes and removes gum deposits from the district’s brick sidewalks. The labor-intensive and difficult task of removing gum deposits along two miles of sidewalk pays off with pristine brocks that look new. In total this year, 162,000 square feet of sidewalk was cleaned and gum-free. In addition, the BID also works to ensure the sidewalks are maintained and clear of snow during inclement weather.


LBS of Trash Removed


Trash Bags Used


Pedestrians Assisted

Graffiti Free District

Throughout the year, the BID spearheads large-scale graffiti removal initiatives. By tracking and reporting graffiti incidents throughout the district, collecting waiver forms in bulk – the BID has recently facilitated graffiti removal from dozens of buildings in the district. The impact is immediate and the rapid response to getting graffiti removed in bulk, go a long way in deterring graffiti artists from targeting the district.

The Clean Team continuously removes posters, stickers, and signs from the more than 100 streetlights, parking meters, kiosks, mailboxes and fireboxes throughout the district.

If you are a property owner in the Jamaica Center Business Improvement District, please fill out and return this Graffiti Bills and Stickers Removal Form by email, regular mail, or fax to take advantage of our free graffiti removal services.