It’s pretty rare that people go on vacations and don’t spend an ample amount of time documenting it on several different social media platforms. It’s 2019 and if you didn’t post about it on social media, did it even really happen? At this rate, it’s beginning to feel that way.

Technology follows us in almost everything. Down to the clothes you’re wearing, 96% of clothing reltailers use RFID technology to tag their apparel. We’re veritably walking barcodes. Most of us know it and accept it, but there are a few generational outliers who live blissfully in the past.

Irish fellas Sean Tighe, Bernie Waldron, and John Devaney were traveling together in New York City. With nary a smartphone nor camera between them, the only people who’d know about their trip together was the three of them. Millennials are predicted to spend $1.4 trillion on travel each year by 2020 and we’re a generation of almost obsessive Instagramming. These older lads are quite the contrary.

Waxing sentimental, they decided they needed their picture taken together. After all, they’d come from Ireland to see their county play in a soccer match. They stopped 23-year-old New Yorker Christina Boniello and asked her to take their picture with her phone. Usually, people pass their own phones to a stranger to use as a camera, but not these guys. She obliged and when she realized she had no way of sending it to them, their response was simple:

“We’ll find it someday.”

That’s a lot of faith to put in the universe and a complete stranger in Manhattan. Then they parted ways. Americans are keen to jump for tax-deductible charity and are generally decent to tourists for the most part, but New York City is notoriously aloof and his famously little patience for touristy folks. But, Boneillo is a nice person.

In the days following, she sent out a tweet with their picture.

“When I was in the city last week, these three Irishmen asked me to take a photo of them, but none of them had phones.
‘you’ll take the picture and we’ll find it someday’
so if by some strange turn of events anyone knows these guys, here’s their photo,” her tweet read.

The Twitterverse is an expansive place. Some 96% of organizations use cloud technology in one form or another, but Boniello was taking advantage of a different type of cloud. People. Just people. It was retweeted among friends. Then it spilled over to strangers. Then it crossed from NYC to Ireland. The tweet blew up quickly. The three men were identified within hours and the tweet itself has since had more than 13,000 likes and 5,100 retweets.

“Most definitely did not expect to be able to ID these guys as quick as everyone did,” said Boniello. “I’m blown away and honestly so happy with the power of social media.”

More than half of adults over the age of 50 agree that our smile remains our most attractive physical feature as we age. For Tighe, Waldron, Devaney, the smiles captured in the photograph taken by a stranger have been cemented in infamy. Whether they expected that we’ll find it someday to be so soon or not is up for debate. Either way, they found it and the internet again proved itself not to be the worst place imaginable.

Executive Director, Jennifer Furioli standing with the BIDs StreetPlus worker Emiliano

Executive Director, Jennifer Furioli standing with the BIDs StreetPlus worker Emiliano.


April 29, 2019

Jamaica, Queens, New York City

Jamaica Center Business Improvement District Names Jennifer Furioli as New Executive Director

The Jamaica Center Business Improvement District, the BID covering the commercial area along Jamaica Avenue from Sutphin Boulevard to 169th Street and Union Hall Street, has appointed Jennifer Furioli as its new Executive Director.

Ms. Furioli most recently served with the New Rochelle Downtown Business Improvement District (NRBID), where she was responsible for overseeing the New Rochelle Grand Market, NRBID events and external NRBID communications. Partnering closely with NRBID’s Executive Director, Jennifer also worked on placemaking initiatives and providing additional advisory to the IDEA New Rochelle (Arts and Technology district) initiative. In 2018, she was a key member of the City of New Rochelle’s Mayors Challenge team: an interdisciplinary group of New Rochelle City executives, New Rochelle BID employees and technologists from IDEA New Rochelle competing against other cities nationwide to develop innovative solutions to city problems. New Rochelle’s team was one of nine cities to win the Mayors Challenge, resulting in a $1 million dollar implementation grant for the City of New Rochelle to utilize augmented and virtual reality as a tool to increase citizen engagement in the city planning process.

Prior to joining NRBID in 2016, Jennifer worked for one of New York City’s flagship BIDs, the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District in Manhattan. While at Lincoln Square, worked on a city-wide committee to make the UWS and Lincoln Square more age friendly District, raised sponsorship dollars for Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Square, authored external BID communications, including, but not limited to the organization’s website, dining guide, annual reports, required City impact reports, and weekly constituent communications, and helped advocate for a newly-designed Dante Park. Her past experience also includes time at New York City’s Department of Small Business Services, which oversees the City’s network of 76 Business Improvement Districts.

“Our board is grateful to outgoing Executive Director Whitney Barrat for her leadership and service, and equally pleased to welcome Jennifer Furioli to the Jamaica Center BID,” said Board Chair Michael Hirschhorn. “More than ever, our board is committed to fostering strong community ties and partnerships with our retailers, community-based organizations, governmental entities and anchor institutions, and building a culture of organizational excellence. Jennifer is equally committed to our vision and we look forward to working with her and our many local partners to support this thriving retail and cultural hub in Jamaica.”

Ms. Furioli holds a B.A. in English Literature and Spanish Language from the University of Northern Colorado and a master’s degree in Public Administration from New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service.

“There were so many things that attracted me to this position,” stated Jennifer: I’m excited by the new development and retail that’s bringing a fresh sense of excitement to Jamaica, and also enthusiastic about the committed long-term retailers that have called Jamaica Center BID home for many years. What ultimately reeled me in was the community: the network of committed businesses, property owners, economic development, cultural, educational, governmental, and religious institutions that have invested in Jamaica for decades. My staff and I are committed to maintaining and growing those partnerships for the benefit of the Jamaica Center BID and overall Downtown Jamaica neighborhood and I can’t thank the BID’s Board of Directors enough for providing me the opportunity to serve this organization and community in the coming years.”


The Jamaica Center Improvement Association was awarded an Active Arts Public Art Grant, and is inviting artists to submit their qualifications for consideration. The selected artist will engage with the community to produce a one-year long temporary, large-scale ground mural installation for the newly-activated Parsons Blvd. Public Space, (btw. Jamaica Avenue & Archer Avenue) in Downtown Jamaica.
Submissions of qualifications are due to the Jamaica Center BID by July 11th, 2018. Please send submissions to

Shop in the #JamaicaBID district this weekend for Fab Stealz and Dealz during Sidewalk Sale Days – Friday, July 6th thru Sunday, July 8th.

The Jamaica BID Sidewalk Sale Days Program is a weekend of deals and fabulous finds on Jamaica Avenue! These are the only dates and times businesses are permitted to display merchandise outside, including hanging items from awnings and/or canopies.

Merchandise, racks, tables and /or hangers cannot extend more than three [3] feet from the building. Sidewalk Sale Days are only permitted along Jamaica Avenue from Sutphin Blvd. to 169th St. including Union Hall Street.

Businesses displaying merchandise outside of Non-Sidewalk Sale Days will be ticketed, or possible confiscation of merchandise.

Permit Street Activity Program
Sanitation Approval Letter
Sidewalk Sales Day Calendar 2018

Jamaica Center BID
161-10 Jamaica Avenue – Suite 419
Jamaica, NY 11432